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Stacy T. Holmes delivers a universal message of motivational inspiration, merging the traditional “just the facts ma’am” presentation with his distinctive “in-your-face” style.  While coming of age in the inner-city of Rochester, New York in the turbulent 1960’s, Stacy and his siblings were shielded from all the noise of protests, hate and violence created by the social ills of the time.  Instead, his blue-collar parents sacrificed to expose him to a rich, childhood of diverse experiences from summer day camps, to formal music classes, sports and the arts.
Now, Stacy even acknowledges how much he benefitted from the ability to excel both as an Urban Suburban Transfer Student, who was bused to school every day; while at the same time being a member of the all black Mighty Liberators Drum and Bugle Corps, straight out of the “ghetto,” proudly wearing his red, black and green uniform.


“Your passion, enthusiasm, and authenticity is infectious to all that hear you speak! Great Job!”

Kevin M. Coleman  –  Founder & CEO, KMC Empowerment, LLC


"it's 12:01"tm

The moment you realize that you have another chance to change your situation, that is what I call “12:01″… the beginning of a new day… a new beginning.

Learn to take charge of your own destiny and create your reality by implementing the “Rule 3A”: Accepting that it is what it is… Assessing your current status and resources… Activating your God Power!

“It’s 12:01″TM Let’s Go Baby! We Got Work to Do.


your blueprint...
your life

Who you are depends on what you are. What you are depends on your blueprint. Learn the key elements and factors that determine how solid your life plan is… which determines how effective your life is. 


Stay In the Water…
It’s All In the Plan!

Just as the Potomac River flows through small towns and major cities like Washington, DC on its journey to the Chesapeake Bay, so does our journey of personal, professional, and spiritual growth.  Sometimes it is like an unstoppable force; while at other times, if we’re honest, we all feel relatively insignificant. 

In this session, regardless of where you are in your life-walk (full speed ahead, dirty and polluted, or stagnant and dead) you will learn how to “stay in the water” by recognizing and trusting the resources you already have. Ultimately getting you to the Chesapeake Bay… because “it’s all in the plan!”

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christian MEN training camp (CMtc)

Each year NFL teams across the country start the season with training camp. Whether rookie or 15-year veteran, they all do the same drills to master the fundamentals, strengthen their bodies, sharpen their skills and build team unity.

The Christian Men Training Camp has the same objectives for husbands, fathers and brothers (from all walks of life, denominations and nationalities) … to strengthen, sharpen, and build from the Fundamentals of Christianity, to Defense with Apologetics, Offense through Evangelism, and Special Teams with Spiritual Gifts.

 CMTC will improve your faith walk, no matter where you start.  Even BFBC (the Brother From the Back of the Church) will be empowered by implementing and executing proven strategies to encourage himself with the confidence and knowledge of knowing that he knows… the Truth.